Our Services

KBC has conducted or completed real estate projects in virtually every market in the United States.

The client experience is what drives KBC Advisors. The client sets and outlines their real estate needs, and KBC implements the appropriate solution. As a result of this integrated partnership, our clients have allowed us to successfully negotiate over 300 million square feet of Ecommerce, industrial, retail and office transactions on their behalf. And yet even with this extensive experience, the next project that comes across our desk may be more unique than any previous one. This is where KBC’s experience provides its clients with the knowledge and speed necessary to accomplish their objectives in an ever-changing real estate environment. Applying learned details from previous projects greatly benefits our clients in their most important project – the current one. Where does KBC’s real estate experience come from? As a passionate representative for our past and current clients, KBC provides in-depth services in the following areas: Brokerage | Site Selection | Labor Analytics | Local and State Incentive Programs

KBC has conducted or completed real estate projects in virtually every market in the United States.

KBC applies a thorough market analysis and the unique dynamics associated with each one to drive knowledge into our clients’ specific assignments. What does that mean for you? When you factor in all of these service lines and experience, they drive cost savings of 15-30% to our clients fixed operating expenses. Tangible savings. The fact that KBC is a privately owned real estate company propels the focus directly on you – our clients. Just strategic focus on your needs and delivering the optimal solution within a nimble organization.



KBC Advisors was an early player in this space. The professionals at KBC have successfully rolled out over 100M square feet of Ecommerce projects across the country since their first assignment in 2003. These projects have ranged in size from 5,000 square feet up to 1.4M square feet. Services involved have varied from acquiring land, leasing buildings, leading development services or sourcing the capital necessary to implement on a project. Understanding the variables of a company’s delivery platform and helping to plan for this have been critical to this service line and the success to our clients.

Office & Retail

A byproduct of the success with our clients, KBC Advisors has implemented on a number of office and retail assignments to support the growth of its clients. Recently, KBC completed one of the largest assignments in Midtown Manhattan. KBC was able to integrate around a complex Ecommerce initiative that evolved into representing our client in the leasing of a high rise office tower in order to support its needs.

Industrial & Logistics

This was the background of the founders of KBC Advisors and its professionals. Across the organization, the fabric of their experience was understanding the dynamics of warehousing, transportation and logistics. It still remains a core competency of the organization today.

Data Centers

Similar to the Ecommerce space, KBC Advisors was an early participant in understanding the nature of where to site a critical facility such as this given the capex exposure to its clients. KBC has successfully completed leases and sales of over $1B in this specific area and has remained a market leader.

Site Selection

KBC Advisors will provide a unique and comprehensive approach to its client’s needs.

It involves developing a strategy surrounding variables such as real estate, labor, power, fiber, transportation costs, demographic trends and tax related issues. Each client is unique and the overall site selection process developed by KBC Advisors will address the specific objectives of our clients.

Labor Analytics

Labor is and has always been a key driver.

Considering KBC Advisors unique experience in markets across the country, KBC is able to analyze current data trends and platforms to help ensure that location decisions are driven by markets that will mitigate labor saturation and provide a sufficient labor shed in collaboration with our client’s needs.

Local and State Incentive Programs

Integral to the overall site selection process is determining programs that can offset fixed and variable costs.

This can include infrastructure grants, credits, tax incentives or training grants related to specific assignments. KBC Advisors will collaborate with its client to understand if and where they can secure these incentives and how it can drive the overall process.